Back to Blogging! Catch up with me!

  1. Happy Friday the Thirteenth! In the future, I will be doing ten thoughts but in honor of Friday the Thirteenth, I will be doing 13 things! 
  2. Today is the day that I am officially back to blogging! I started my first blog in November 2015, made a few blog posts, then stopped for a little while. Finally, I am back to blogging and loving it!
  3. First I wanted my blog to be all about baking and creating my own recipes. Now it will be anything from what I baked this week to places where I have traveled! FYI, I bake a lot of cookies!
  4. Today I made two different batches of cookies! My favorite thick chocolate chip cookie recipe from Katie Lee. Also, I made Giant M&M cookies from Sally’s Cookie Addiction.
  5. Did you know that October 13 is National M&M day? Happy national M&M day!
  6. I am still a University student who is about to graduate in May! I can’t believe the time went by so fast! I remember being in my first semester and feeling like college would never end but now I am looking for jobs!  Time really does fly!
  7. Recently, I have been really into reading again. I loved to read Harry Potter during high school but I stopped somewhere during my hectic college years. I’ve been interested in reading books that I should have read in high school but just read the Spark Notes.
  8. Recent books include The Alchemist, Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm, and The Catcher in the Rye.
  9. Technically, I am still reading The Catcher in the Rye but I am mostly through it.Let me know of any good book recommendations that you like! I am open to anything! I skipped many assigned readings in high school but it’s okay because I’m finally catching up. oops.
  10. I am really excited for fall! It is one of my favorite times of the year because of the cool weather and all of the pretty leaves.
  11. One of my favorite music artists is Jessie James Decker. Her newest album, Southern Girl City Lights, was just released yesterday and I love it!
  12. A few of my favorite songs from the album are All Filled Up, Open All Night, and Pretty Girl. Go check them out!
  13. I am so excited to start blogging again! I seriously missed it and have been putting it off for long enough!

Scrumptious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nestle Toll house Choc-oat-chip Cookie recipe oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough Scrumptious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Scrumptious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesI LOVE LOVE LOVE cookies more than any other desert! These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite! I added in a super special secret ingredient to enhance the recipe that I used. This secret ingredient that I used makes the cookies so much more delectable and HEAVENLY! I usually love to come up with my own recipe but this one is too good to pass up! I used the Nestle Toll House recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip bag as a base then I made a few moderations to the recipe. I feel like the moderations that I made really boosted the flavor of the cookies to a whole other level of deliciousness! I’ll let you in on a delicious little secret! The best ingredient to add in these cookies is cinnamon!

I added four dashes of cinnamon to the flour mixture, one and a half cups of chocolate chips instead of two cups, an extra quick splash of vanilla extract on top of the two teaspoons of vanilla extract that the recipe already called for, and I used butter that was right out of the refrigerator, not softened.

I really like adding ground cinnamon to my cookies because it gives them more flavor! Cinnamon is my favorite spice and I love to add it to anything that I can! I only use 1.5 cups of chocolate chips instead of two cups. Two cups of chocolate chips is almost too much. I know, I know! I sound crazy saying “too much chocolate” but I love the taste of the cookie and the chocolate. If I use two cups of chocolate chips it almost seems like there is too much chocolate in each bite and not enough cookie. The cookie to chocolate ratio is perfect when I use one and a half cups of chocolate chips!

I use a Kitchen Aide Mixer to beat the butter before I add the rest of the wet ingredients. Since I use cold unsalted butter, I find that it is necessary to beat the butter with the paddle attachment to get the butter to soften before adding in the sugars. I always make cookies using cold unsoftened butter (usually because I don’t plan to make cookies) and for some reason I think it always seems to taste even better! Also I added in a little extra splash vanilla extract to just about everything that I bake because you can never go wrong with vanilla! These cookies turned out so exquisite and mouthwatering that they are so difficult to resist! Trying to limit my cookie intake is impossible with this scrumptious recipe! I could eat the entire batch in two days!